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Revised 9/2017
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By David Langsather violin researcher and maker.
..What I will try to do is show you step by step how I am building my Opus # 29 violin. I am attempting to concentrate all I have learned the past 19 years, and make a really successful violin I can be proud of. Success to me will be if the sound is wonderful, power good, and both player and listener consider an encounter with this violin as a memorable experience.
...I will not attempt to show you all the steps on how to build a violin; rather I will share what I have learned so far to produce a superior violin, emphasizing certain building steps that may only be covered here, that I consider essential to your successful building an amazing instrument.!
...This information was gained by much reading, studying, hard work, experimentation, plenty of failure and dead ends; thousands of hours of effort and thousands of dollars.
..Please feel invited to E-mail me your questions, tips, and comments to info@violinresearch.com.
 ...Opus # 29 violin will be just like Opus # 28 except that all its wood parts will be from wood selected exclusively on the Wood Tone Scale and of the ideal Tap Tone Frequency for each part; as well as all the wood parts will be # 22 Rub Tone throughout. {That is: the same as # 28 except for careful wood selection, to the latest acoustical theory.}
...Only about 4% of violin making wood will meet these strict standards. The odds of even the five most important (for quality sound production) wood parts having these desired wood characteristics is thus one chance in: [.04 X .04 X .04 X .04 X.04] or one chance in 10,000,000 completed quality violins!
..However, by my quick count, there needs to be at least (11) separate ideal violin wood boards purchased to make the parts of such a violin. The odds of this happening by chance is 0.
...This new violin will have ALL the wood pieces selected to this new standard of excellence.
..I will intersperse links to other parts of my violin making website: www.violinresearch.com (to which you are invited to reference at anytime.) as needed.
...So lets get right to it! The selection of the wood parts to your future instrument will largely determine the future success of your new violin. Spend your time and money now and do not begin until you have the necessary wood parts. It takes just as much care and effort to make a mediocre violin as a good one, once you have your wood and begin construction!
..Note: Many of the photos were borrowed from my earlier Opus # 16 violin making book so several of the styles are mixed together...