Opus # 29 "Inventiones Ligni " (Discoveries of Wood)
Revised (9/2017)
Page O_29
 ...Opus # 29 violin will be just like Opus # 28 except that all its wood parts will be from wood selected exclusively on the Wood Tone Scale and of the ideal Tap Tone Frequency for each part; as well as all the wood parts will be # 22 Rub Tone throughout. {That is: the same as # 28 except for careful wood selection, to the latest acoustical theory.}
...Only about 4% of violin making wood will meet these strict standards. The odds of even the five most important (for quality sound production) wood parts having these desired wood characteristics is thus one chance in: [.04 X .04 X .04 X .04 X.04] or one chance in 10,000,000 completed quality violins!
..However, by my quick count, there needs to be at least (11) separate wood boards purchased to make the parts of a violin. The odds of this happening by chance is 0.
...This new violin will have ALL the wood pieces selected to this new standard of excellence.
..Here is our (hopefully) all star cast of wood blocks for the new violin, all of 'ideal' wood properties...
..Even the Purfuling, each strip 0.007" wide...
..Internal blocks and cut out ribs...
..Selection test of tuning pegs; only two of these made it to a violin!
{being both # 22 Rub Tone and on the Wood Tone Scale}.