..Hi, my name is Anna and I am half the production team. {O.K. I do have some help from the others!}
...Hi, my name is Colleen and I am the other half of our production team. I have been producing fine Jersey raw milk for over 36 years now.
...In the beautiful Wilamette Valley just north of Mollola, Oregon and 0.9 mile east of Highway 213 off Maclinberg road.
...BlueBerry Sunrise Farm, just minutes from Oregon City, phone: Colleen LaMarsh @503-380-0084,
email: blueberrysunrise@molalla.net.
...Farm with 36 years of experience milking offers raw cow milk from A2-A2 Jerseys on 20 acres of pasture, fed local grass hay and a small amount of freshly milled grain.
...Milk is $10/gallon in glass jars. Some butter, cream, and eggs also available at times. Customer references available.
The general procedure is to contact Colleen and set up a time to meet to work out details. Normally each customer comes out on a specified day at a time of their choosing and their milk is waiting in the refregerator on the house porch. {She tries to even out pick up days to match milk production.}