This slide show is a recent photo essay taken at my home in Salem, Oregon.
   I will include some high light notes with some of the photos... enjoy.

   This car is for sale... I began building it in 1974 and it was completed in 1978. It was designed to be the prototype for a series of light weight street sports cars.
   It has ocasionally gone to car shows but only has been driven about 1,000 miles since new.
Quartz halogin lights; hi/low and clear lense high beams.
The lights are made by Marshall and the 10" diameter driving lights are the same as the winning race cars used, but with a 100 watt bulb instead of these street legal 55 wall bulbs.(did I mention, there is an air horn to catch attention too.)
Porsche 917 sports car replicar mid-engined sports car for sale aluminum body sports car gull wing doors sports car
Cheverolet turbo engine sports car for sale aluminum monocoque tub sports car Porsche 917 design sports car aluminum
sports car mid-engined sports car hi-performance sports car racing sports car street legal sports car
,,After graduation from college {in 1971; mechanical engineering, automotive major} and working at a government office (engineering jobs were scarce when I graduated due to a business recession) I decided what I wanted to do was to start a small car company and build light weight high performance sports cars. The plan was to design and build a prototype (this car), display it and take orders!
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