After doing sketches of possible design conceptions, then
drafting plans to scale until I was satisfied, I built this 1/10th
scale model in balsa and tiny maple wood dowells (it even
had windows and opening body sections.
   When project was completed, I was somewhat surprised
that what worked on the model mostly worked in real life too!
   I took hundreds of 35 mm b&w photos without flash using high speed film, showing each step of and details of construction. These are available to purchaser.
..So read my ad about this sports car, back in 1979. The following is a photo album showing the construction process and information on its features. It was conceived and built during 1973 to 1978. Photo album dates from that period...
"sports car building Porsche 917 sport car aluminum body sports car mid-engined sports car.
Construction of mid-engined sporst car. Aluminum monocoque tub min-engined sports car.
sports car for sale aluminum body 2,100 pound weight made by Dale Manufacturing of Salem, Oregon"
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