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...This is a short biography of Web Host David A. Langsather:
...Born in 1948 in Montana, USA. His dad was the first child of his Norwegin parents that was born in America.
...Attended Oregon State University, graduating in 1971 with a Bachelor or Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology {automotive major}.
...Seven years working in government then starting a business specializing in rebuilding antique auto parts which has evolved in to rebuilding engine harmonic balancers; an internet based business.
...Wanted to found a company making speciality light weight sports cars. The first complete prototype was completed in 1976 ready to take orders. However the federal government insisted on three cars for crash testing and specified that all safety and emission standards must be met, even it only two cars a year were to be produced! This then evolved into the parts rebuilding company.
... The body work is riveted aluminum, the engine is mounted midengine. Weight is 2,100 pounds, space frame in the rear and aluminum monoque design in front. Independent suspension with disc brakes all around. Fully street legal. 6,000 hours of labor and about $10,000 material expense.
...This four year program in mechanical engineering was designed to produce a natural go-between professional engineers and production workers. Individuals who were familiar with both the technical aspects of design and practical needs of manufacturing and personal.
...I first became interested in violin making at about age 50 (I am now 69). Beginning with reading many of the standard violin making works, technical and violin society journals.
...So far I have completed 25 violins, several of which are pure research instruments, testing a certain acoustical principle. About half have sold and the remainder have provided a rich body for research and testing of practical acoustics. I took a violin lesson once a week and my instructor, Ron Kilde, who is a great instrument evaluator, as guided my progress for about 15 years. I have decided to now devote my efforts to violin research rather than commercial sales.
...This tap tone project has grown out of these years of research into practical violin acoustics. It is intended to develop, as far as possible, the potential of adjustment for benefitial tap tone arrangements of the violin parts, as they relate to excellent instrument performance.
...This is an emerging field of investigatiion, and unless I am mistaken, one that will eventully be of significant benefit to stringed instrument players and makers.
   David Langsather Salem, Oregon, USA August, 2017 A.D.
..The good looking yound man is my son, Brett (who is 6' 4" tall; the car is 39" tall).
...Click here to see several photo albums of past interests and projects so you can better understand me...