...I would like to invite you to come and play some of my hand made and acoustically balanced violins in our new acoustical designed room. Please bring your current violin so you can compare instruments. I also have a professional quality microphone that can be used to record your playing samples so you can hear them from the listeners perspective as well.

... Pease call ahead for an appointment and to see what I currently have available.
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..My home and violin workshop are located in North East Salem, Oregon USA at:

David Langsather, violin maker
3425 Fairhaven Avenue N.E.
Salem, Oregon 97301
(503) 364- 8685
Easy access from the I-5 Freeway;
3 blocks west of the I-5 freeway overpass and north off Silverton road.
...The only thing missing in this photo is you!
...Please stop by and try one of my carefully crafted and acoustically balanced, full-sized violins for yourself, in our new acoustical living room. The Eastern Red Oak hardwood ceiling and floor reflects back the true sound of your playing (as well as being beautiful!) and there is comfortable seating for your friends who want to listen to you play.
Violin Tryout Room...
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