Top Plate Wood :
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Engleman Spruce
(from Canada)
Resonant Spruce from Romania.
Spruce from Mount St. Helens Volcano
Spruce hidden in house wall for 50 years.
Back Plate Wood :
violin023028.jpg violin023027.jpg violin023026.jpg violin023025.jpg violin023024.jpg violin023023.jpg violin023021.jpg
French Maple
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Michigan Maple
(underwater for 100 years)
Bosnian Maple
Birds Eye Maple
from Michigan
Balkan Maple from
This page is the directory of Violin Making wood that I have (had at one point...) available for instrument making...

...The top plate is made of some variety of Spruce wood; while the ribs, back plate and neck are made of some variety of Maple. The fingerboard and tailpiece are usually made of ebony; although the tailpiece, end pin, and tuning pegs can also be made of boxwood or rosewood.
...If you want to commssion a violin you may select the actual wood you want your instrument to be made of from this available woods list:

...12/2020: I have completely modified how I choose wood for violin making after extensive research as to properties of violin making wood. My selection now limits what woods I will consider using to Wood on the "Wood Tone" scale only and wood as close to # 22 Rub Tone as possible. This limits wood selection to about 20% of my former stock supply!
>>>>>>Please see new section on wood selection<<<<CLICK HERE!
Maple wood hidden in the wall of a house for 50 years. (Plain or birds eye)
(Maple back wood selection is below...)
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