modified 10/2017
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..This is the Ideal Wood Tone Page for 242 HZ.
It is generated by striking my Wood Tone Reference Tool with a rawhide (leather) mallet (hammer).
..Immediately after hearing my tap, tap the part you are examing; listening to the lowest part of the Tap Tone and comparing. Use the first knuckle of your middle finger or a leather mallet to generate the Wood Tone property.
..You want to select wood that is Exactly in harmony with the reference. If your violin part's Wood Tone sounds higher or lower, it is not useful for a musical instrument.
..Follow specific instructions for Wood Tone use in violins found on other areas.
 Garland Premium 4oz Natural Rawhide Mallet Hammer #36-11001
..Before using you need to hammer on the two ends of the leather roll with a heavy hammer to loosen up the binding so you get the proper response...I used a framing hammer, with the other side of the mallet on a steel plate... strike hard about 10 times on each end. When the tap on a sample wood block sounds the same as the tap of the first knuckle of your middle finger, it is ready to use!
..The Poor Man's Wood Tone Identifier Tool:
..The First Knuckle of the middle finger gives the same response as a leather mallet. (compare to the above tool to verify for your self)...
..For Tap Tone; Second Knuckle...
...The first knuckle is all you really need to identify Wood Tone match or not...
However, if you have much wood to sort, the knuckle can get rather tender. Also, if you are picking out larger wood blocks from a large collection of possible pieces, the rawhide mallet is an important adjunct.
..The Wood Tone Scale reference Tool with leather (deer skin) mallet.
These are the Wood Tone Frequencies for wooden instrument making: 162 HZ, 176 HZ, 198 HZ, 213 HZ, 242 HZ, 287 HZ, 324 HZ, 352 HZ, 396 HZ. For practical purposes we are mainly interested in 198 HZ, 213 HZ, and 242 HZ.
..Assume a 5% loss in tonal quality for each position from the ideal for that part.
..Click here to hear (30) seconds of 242 HZ Wood Tone Recording..