Opus # 17 "Impossibilis Finis" The impossible dream.
(The plate design has been christened 'Sun Ray' by my wife Karen.)
...The rationale for this plate design is that since sound travels along the grain fibers of the wood much better than the across the grain, there might be a tone improvemnet if the the sound is transmitted out from the sound source (the bridge) in straight lines along the grain of the wood (eliminating cross grain sound transmission).
...A normal violin is made up or 74 individual pieces of wood, which are glued solidly together; however, this violin is make up of 395 individual pieces of wood which are solidly glued together.
...This violin was initially completed 2/2004. As of 5/2009, it is now ready for a musician to make music on and delight audiences with.
...It is very pretty in the sunlight and a real attention getter!
..This unique violin is being kept for display purposes....
  My original design layout pattern.
...Next I cut width of Spruce lumber (0.34"), quarter
sawn. Notice considable grain runout of this piece
which allowed me to select individual pieces which
followed the curve of top plate, so not only is sound
traveling out in straight line from bridge, but the grain
is following the curve of top plate for added sound clarity.
  All pieces were wedge split to show actual grain.
....End angles are 6.084 degrees,
sanded on 9" disc sander. (notice
grain runout of piece being sanded).
...Next, 90 degree segents are glued together. All
glue joints are traditional violin making hide glue.
  All together, there are 184 pieces in each plate
when completed.
...Next, four segemnts are
glued together. These pieces
go from center point to end
of violin plate. (28 pieces in this first 'circle')
...Here are the second 28 pieces to
form the second 'circle' resting on
...With the second 'circle' glued in plate.
Again, each of these pieces goes from the 'point' to the end of the violin plate.
... Each of these fill-in pieces
is custom fitted and then
glued to make the final plate
wood. A total of 184 pieces for each plate.
... Here the top plate is completed into a solid block of wood again, after a week of work!
Ready to begin shaping...
... Now on to the back plate....
revised 12/2017
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..Completed violin before varnishing:
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