Wood "Warm Tone" or Wood "Color Tone", Scale in violin Wood Selection ...
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By David Langsather, webmaster: www.violinresearch.com
..This "Warm Tone" {possibly "Color Tone"} discovery came out of a need to select better matched violin wood (in an effort to maximize violin timbre). I could tell that what I had been doing, as far as wood selection, needed to be improved. This technique came out of playing with the tools I had, looking for a wood characteristic I could quantify, and hopefully then use in matching violin wood more succesfully...
..My Spruce violin top plate wood sorted via this "Warm Tone" technique; from the warmest tap sound to the coldest response at the other end.
..Our "Synchronous Resonance" Tap tool that you can make for your self.
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..This is a slice off the end of a quarter sawn Engelmann Spruce wedge from a 300 year old tree, which began growing in 1680.{From western Canada.. a harvested dead tree...}
..Notice that the growth ring count is marked on the side.
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...After the subject piece of violin making wood is tapped about 10 times (one second apart), then immediately start tapping on the top of the "Growth Ring Slice Reference" from the right to the left side; listening to the highest overtone. (remember no talking to your self in your mind!)
..As you tap along, I believe you will hear that the high overtones start to drop until it reached a low point and then to begin to rise again.
..Do this routine several times until you accurately find this low spot. Then read the growth ring number on the side: This is the "warm Tone" for this piece of wood. Record it for future wood sorting.
.. . Click below to be able to print these Data Sheets off for your record keeping :
woodselection017003.jpg woodselection017002.jpg
..CLICK HERE to pull up a printable screen of a Whole Violin Wood Data Page
..CLICK HERE to pull up a printable screen Violin Wood Data Tabs for individual violin wood pieces.
..Just rubber cement them to the wood pieces for a semi permanent record...
... Click Here to see a video showing this technique :