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Gallery of violins I have completed...
On Line Violin Making Book (Opus#16 being made)(82 pages & 345 photos) (Written in 2004).
Violins completed ...showing currently available
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About Me...
Violin Tryout Room... (arrange a visit to my shop).
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How to protect against future plate cracks during construction.
  Natural frequency variation in wood; how to adjust for it...
   Information on the 1714 Stradivarius violin model I normally use...
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   Finishing Notes
(tips on Varnishing...)
Sound Frequencies Chart... with Formula...(2/2013)
Sound Pictures:
  What makes up complicated sounds...
27 pages
Preparing Wood for Varnishing to bring out wood's beauty... (two pages)
Insturment weight and weights of various violin components...
...announcing: "Rub Tone / Wood Tone" method of selecting violin making materials.
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David Langsather with a plank of French maple for back plates (circa 2001).
..Hear my violins played at various levels of tap tone tuning over time...
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