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................"Some of the Mysteries of the Violin Re-Discovered....!"

..This Violin is an acoustical phenomenom ...and I think, even today, people do not understand acoustics, ... so well. acoustics is still a science we do not understand. One thing I have learned, with the violin, is that every millimeter, everything that you do to the bridge; If you shave a millimeter from the side of the bridge; the sound changes. If you take, a, have a little bit of wood from any part of the violin, the whole balance changes. So, um, it is incredible!
..Or even change this piece, or this piece... it is all balanced, and, very delicate, and so this is something that Stradivarius was; even a genius.
Quote from Joshua Bell in movie: "Stradivari: Search for Perfection" (2003) [at 23:35-24:35]
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Finger Board
Sound Holes.
String Bar of the Tail Piece.
Tail Piece
End Pin
violin109091.jpg violin109090.jpg violin109089.jpg violin109088.jpg violin109087.jpg violin109086.jpg violin109085.jpg violin109084.jpg violin109083.jpg violin109081.jpg violin109080.jpg
violin109079.jpg violin109078.jpg
Chin Rest
violin109076.jpg violin109075.jpg violin109074.jpg
Top Plate
violin109073.jpg violin109072.jpg violin109071.jpg
Wood selection and acoustics.
violin109070.jpg violin109069.jpg
Five Zones of the Neck
violin109068.jpg violin109067.jpg violin109066.jpg
Acoustical Relationships...
violin109064.jpg violin109063.jpg violin109062.jpg
Tuning Pegs
violin109061.jpg violin109060.jpg
Tail Gut
violin109059.jpg violin109057.jpg
Back Plate
Bass Bar (inside)
violin109054.jpg violin109053.jpg violin109052.jpg
Tap Tone Scale
Wood Tone Scale
Rub Tone Scale
..Useful Tools.
Varnish Ground
Varnish Ground.
violin109038.jpg violin109037.jpg
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Tap Tone Technology
..The technique of measuring and adjusting instrument tap tones for improved performance ...
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>General Notes about this free on-line-violin making "book":
...You can discover about 300 pages of violin material, as well as about 100 educational videos. Many new subject areas are available, including ground breaking discoveries in: Tap Tone Violin tuning (to make your instrument perform to its potential); Varnish Ground (to reduce unwanted overtones); Wood Tone and Rub Tone properties of wood and how these two can be used to select exceptional wood for exceptionally performing wooden musical instruments!
..It is a living and growing subject area; updated regularly and expanded as new discoveries are found useful or corrections needed; this the result of the past 22 years.
..Please consider later dated material more accurate and useful and be sure to refresh pages you have visited before so you can see the latest versions.
..I hope you find something useful ...
Sincerely, David Langsather
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.."Sharing information and working together to make violins better".
..You will understand that there is much I still have to learn about violin making, so do not expect perfection; I am just doing my best!
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..Quips and Quotes from all over...

"..There is but a certain degree of perfection in everything... "

"..Mr. Shandy, my father, Sir, would see nothing in the light in which others placed it; --he placed things in his own light; ---he would weight nothing in the common scales; --no, he was too refined a researcher to lie open to so gross an imposition, ..." (page 150)

"..How, I (being very thin) think differently; and that so much of motion, is so much of life, and so much of joy ... and that to stand still, or get on but slowly, is death and the devil. ..." (page 510)

   ( these three from the book 'Tristam Shandy' by Laurence Sterne )

"...How do you expect to go forward if you do not take a step?" (the author).

"Knowing what you want to achieve, is the first step to meeting your eventual goal..." (the author).

"No man was ever great by imitation" ....Samuel Johnson